Week 7 Visual Assignment

This week we were once again given the freedom to select an assignment from the DS 106 bank of our choosing. I chose to do another visual assignment titled, “What’s the Meme?” I tried to find an assignment that fit within my focal theme. I also wanted to find an assignment that I could potentially use in a social studies classroom. This assignment asked creators to make a meme. There were no limitations as far as what types of pictures or words that they creator could, just simply make a meme.

I chose to use Mematic. Mematic is a smartphone app that allows users to quickly and easily make a meme. The user is able to (with the free version) select from two different meme styles, select a picture from their camera roll, and type in their desired text. Once the meme is created, the user is given the option to download and/or share their new creation.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to find an assignment that I could potentially use in a social studies classroom. I believe that creating memes could be  used as formative assessment in the classroom. Memes are relatively popular with students, and the technology is very simple to use. This combination requires very little class time dedicated to explaining memes and the technology, and could allow students to focus instead on the content while having some fun creating their memes (at least that is the hope).

To go along with the social studies theme, I decided to make my meme about Thomas Edison. I performed a Google image search to find a poplar image of Thomas Edison holding a light bulb. The text is written in a style borrowed from the popular Dos Equis beer commercial in which the “Most Interesting Man in the World” states, “I don’t always drink beer; but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” My text gives a nod to the fact that Thomas Edison was notorious for creating frivolous patents.


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