Week 6 DS106 Assignment: Create a Warning Poster

This week we were allowed to select an assignment from any of the  10 DS106 assignment banks. I chose to do a visual assignment titled, “Create a Warning Poster.” I wanted to pick an assignment that could potentially be used in my future 8th grade social studies classroom. This assignment asked the creator to make a poster warning people of some sort of danger. The assignment suggested that the warning be for something that would not generally warrant a warning and/or something outrageous.

My poster warns people of the potential dangers of Netflix. I did a brief internet search to get an idea of what general warning signs look like, as well as the type of fonts that they used. I created the poster in PowerPoint and saved it as a jpeg file. The font used was “Franklin Gothic Heavy”. I used red letters (typical of most warning signs) as well as bright yellow background. I have attached the final product below.


While this application of the assignment may not be directly relevant in a social studies class I believe that a variation on the instructions could make it so. For example, students will be studying the Bill of Rights, they could potentially be asked to create a poster (not necessarily a warning/caution sign, but maybe a public service announcement) for a specific right that they feel people should be aware of.

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